This five piece are out for mass destruction and total demise. Drain Life, hail from Rotterdam, Netherlands and were formed late 1996, early 1997.
Around that time they started out as a band with influences from bands like Madball, Sick Of It All and the stream of Metalcore bands at that period of time like: All Out War, Merauder, Morning Again, Arkangel and many more.
Lyricly everything comes off vocalist York's hands and ranges from personal issues, inner struggles and depression to world problematic issues, warfare, poverty and oppression...
in the end, it all comes down to the truth in life, and the many struggles it brings, till it ultimately leads to death.

Determined and ready for war...
and a war it is; sharing de stage with Merauder, Sworn Enemy, 100 Demons, Kickback, Pro-Pain, Shattered Realm, Buldoze, Terror to name a few

Drain-Life never stopped writing material!
and after a decade, a dozen Tapes, a Demo CD, a Mini CD later, they signed to CFC Records and released their full length 'A Prospect of Despair' And their second album 'Revelations of the Enslaved' is out on Clenched fist records.

Through the many years they grew from a Hardcore band with Metal influences into a 90's Vegan style Metalcore band with brutal Death / Thrash Metal riffs, Hardcore Beatdowns and Midd-Tempo triplets, phat mosh parts and Hardcore breakdowns.
Nowadays you can even find influences from early Death Metal, Norwegian Black Metal from the 90’s, the Bay Area Thrash from the 80’s and the New Wave of American Metal sound of today.
but they always maintained that Hardcore edge
Through dedication and determination they survived it all and their explosive and professional live performances is proof of just that
Being in the game for more than fourteen years, made them the hardest and longest running band in the Rotterdam area, and that reputation made them last countless shows everywhere,
they are now maybe more motivated than ever to write better songs, greater records and doing even more shows.

After various line up changes the line up for this sound of damnation is:
Yorick - verbal abuse.
Jonathan - 6 string torture/verbal abuse.
Geoffrey – 6 string menace
Martin - 4 string demise.
Joel - beatdowns.